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Learn everything you need to know about seminars and discover venues

Introduction to Seminar Venues

Whether you’re looking for traditional, corporate seminar venues, or quirky and fun ones, VenueScanner is the place to find it. Finding the perfect venue for your corporate seminar sounds like it could be time consuming, but with VenueScanner’s help you can find the best venue for your event in no time at all. And choosing the right seminar venue is super important. You’ll want something that can cater to your needs, is the right size, and is in the correctmk location. You’ll want top of the line audio visual equipment, catering options, and maybe even an on site events team to help your event run smoothly. Whatever it is you’re looking for, VenueScanner can help match you with the right seminar venues. How can we help?

VenueScanner Concierge

If you’re a business client, you can use our concierge service. The Concierge team is made up of venue experts that can help match you to the right venue. You’ll speak directly with one of our account managers and they’ll work to find you a venue that fits your needs. When you’ve chosen the venue that you like the most, they can help you arrange venue visits, liaise directly with the venue host, and help you book it.

Venue Finder

For those people who would prefer to find a venue themselves, you can fill out our Venue Finder form, which will match you to a number of venues that fit your parameters. Simply input your location, event type, budget, and capacity and you’ll be matched with relevant venues. From there you can send enquiries and speak directly with the venue hosts to see if it’s right for you.

Browse our Selection of Venues

Finally, if you’d just like to browse for now, you can head to our homepage and put your location and event type into the search feature. Then you can see all of the seminar venues in one place. Add the ones you love to your shortlist and then send out enquiries!

Best Types of Venues for Seminars

There are a variety of types of seminar venues available for hire. Each type of venue will be best suited for different types of seminars, so make sure you know exactly what you need when you begin your search. Here are some kinds of seminar venues you may come across during it:

Conference Centres:

Conference centres are a great option for corporate seminars. They offer a more formal setting for your event and often come equipped with state of the art audio and visual equipment as well as an on site events team. They can be larger than many other types of seminar venues so are good for larger groups. Plus, the ample space allows room for any breakout sessions you’re looking to have throughout the day.


Hotels are another fantastic choice for seminar venues. Like a conference centre, they often have multiple areas for you to run your seminar in, which is helpful for any breakout sessions you may be holding. Many hotels offer daily delegate rates (DDR) as well which could ultimately save you money as catering is often part of the packages.

Academic Venues:

If you’re hosting a smaller corporate seminar, an academic venue may be right for you. You can find lecture halls that are set up well for large talks. Theatre style seating, with a podium and screen in the front of the room is a strong layout for a corporate seminar.

Unique Venues:

For something a bit more interesting, choosing a unique venue for your seminar is always an option. You may not be trying to give off corporate vibes, or perhaps you’re offering a smaller seminar for an exciting topic. Whatever it may be, you can find some cool and modern co-working spaces, pubs, and restaurants that would be fun seminar venues.

Planning a Successful Seminar

When planning a successful seminar there are a number of things to consider. The first one is the budget. The budget is what will ultimately determine what you can do for the event from venue selection to catering to any additional entertainment you may want. Finding a venue that has everything you need will help cut costs as you won’t need to bring anything in from other vendors.

Next, you’ll want to think about your technology needs. Corporate seminars will need a screen or projector at the bare minimum. You may also want microphones available so the audience can ask questions throughout your seminar. Additionally, if you’re planning breakout sessions, you may want screens or Flipcharts in those rooms as well.

Your seating arrangement is also incredibly important to the success of your corporate seminar. Most venues are quite flexible when it comes to seating and offer multiple layouts. For larger groups you may prefer a theatre style seating arrangement, while smaller groups may prefer boardroom style seating. Either way, discuss your needs with the venue before you decide to book it.

Finally, if you’re interested in providing food or drinks throughout your seminar, remember to speak to the venue about their catering options. Some venues offer DDR packages which include tea and coffee breaks as well as lunch. If this is not an option, you can see how much it will cost to organiser this.

Additional Considerations

There are a couple of other things to think about when looking for seminar venues. You’ll want it to be accessible so all attendees can have the same experience. You also want the location to make sense for everyone. Hosting a seminar in a central location is probably best as there are usually ample options of public transport available. If you do choose to host your seminar somewhere outside of the city, make sure there’s enough parking available. Finally, one aspect that’s often overlooked is branding and customisation. It’s an added bonus to be able to customise your seminar with your corporate colours and logo, but it does go a long way in making your attendees remember your brand.

Tips for Engaging Seminars

In order to make your corporate seminar engaging, there are a few things you can do. The most obvious thing is choosing the right speaker. Make sure the speaker is an expert in your seminar topic. They should be engaging and be able to captivate your audience so people stay engaged throughout the event. Ramp up marketing and promotion before your event if it’s open to the public. You want people to be excited about attending your seminar so post about it on socials, create some ads, and people will want to join in. On the day, make your seminar interactive so the attendees can connect with you. Ask questions, do live polls, and get people involved.

Networking and Social Aspects

When you’re looking at corporate venues for seminars, there should be an area within the space where you can create an area for networking. People will of course be there to learn from your seminar, but they’ll also be looking to speak with other attendees. Add breaks to the agenda so people can chat between sessions. You can even look into planning a drinks reception to conclude the day.

Feedback and Follow-up

After you’ve hosted your seminar it’s time to collect feedback. Collecting feedback is really important so you can decide if the event was successful and if you’d like to run it again. There are a few ways to collect feedback but the most popular one is to send out a survey to your attendees a few days after the event. Send over a couple of questions, we suggest three-five, asking about the event, the venue, what they learned, and what they would change if they could. This information is incredibly valuable and can assist with planning your next corporate seminar.

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