VenueScanner Concierge

Introducing our bespoke concierge for corporate event organisers. Our expert events team is on hand to provide personalised help finding and booking the best venue for your event.

Why use VenueScanner Concierge?

VenueScanner Concierge is an express event service that will help you save time and money when organising large corporate events.


It’s entirely free to use!


It will help to save you time and money when searching for venues.


We negotiate the best rates with the venues.


We provide bespoke recommendations from our venue experts.


It's 100% transparent. We'll communicate but you'll see all the contact.


We'll curate one document with all the venue offers to view and compare.


We can recommend and book in trusted event suppliers.


We’re super fast, so this service is perfect for short-notice events.

What’s the VenueScanner Concierge process?

Our venue experts know all the secret venues in London, across the UK, and beyond.


Our venue experts will check your event brief and source the best venues for you.


We'll find out availability and negotiate the best prices for the venues shortlisted. We'll send you a proposal with pricing, catering arrangements, and timings included. After your event, you'll receive a reward voucher to a brand of your choice for 1% of your booking value.


Once you’ve let us know which ones you’d like to view, we’ll arrange these for you on a suitable date. These can be arranged back-to-back in one morning to maximise your time.


After your viewing we'll help you select the best option and get you booked in. We'll recommend and book in add on suppliers if you need them. Done and now you can start getting excited about your event.

Who can use VenueScanner Concierge?

The VenueScanner Concierge service is free to access, but you’ll need to qualify to take advantage of our exclusive service.

  • Business clients
  • Looking to book somewhere within a 2-week timeframe
  • Event is signed off

VenueScanner Rewards

When you book through VenueScanner you'll earn rewards on every booking. Rewards are based on event value and can be redeemed by claiming online.

Receive shopping vouchers to a website of your choice, donate to your favourite charities, or simply get money back to put towards your next VenueScanner event.