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The Best Training Venues For Hire

From open plan spaces perfect for training room workshops to grand, exclusive hire auditoriums perfect for epic, corporate events.

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Discover the best training room hire options across the UK

Traditional hotel boardroom? Quirky creative space? Whether you're searching for a small meeting space to upskill your employees or a large training room for a corporate away day we've got you covered. We feature incredible training room hire options all across the UK, so get in touch and we can help you find and book the perfect training room.

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No matter where you choose to host them, training days are crucial events on the corporate calendar.

Introduction to Training Room Venues

Choosing the right venues for training is crucial for a number of reasons. Off-site training venues are really useful whether it’s for employees, students, or any other group. A few of the reasons that training room venues are necessary is that it can create a productive learning environment by removing distractions that may be present in your normal everyday setting. They are also really great if you need certain equipment and technology that you may not have access to in your own space. Hiring training room venues is something that all companies and groups should consider, no matter how small or large they may be.

Why Choose a Training Room Venue

Among the many reasons you should choose a training room venue, one of the most compelling ones is that it can really enhance focus and reduce workplace distractions. Oftentimes getting out of your normal everyday environment is actually really great for productivity and creativity. You can have everyone meet in a new place that can inspire your group and encourage better participation. Another reason is that you can choose which sort of amenities you need including technology and equipment. You can opt for training venues with screens or projectors or you can choose one that will offer a more collaborative setting. When you hire a training venue you’re also able to choose one that accommodates your group - whether that’s small or large. It can also end up being more cost effective. Instead of needing an office that has a training room, which could potentially increase your rent quite a bit, you can hire one out as and when you need it.

The Impact of Venue on Training Effectiveness

When you’re putting together a training event, you’ll want to think about the impact your venue can have on the effectiveness of the activities. Corporate training rooms come in a number of sizes. Make sure you’re hiring a training venue that is the correct size for your group. If you end up with too small of a venue, people will be uncomfortable which will reduce productivity. If it’s too large, people may not be able to hear the speaker or it could feel really cold and impersonal. Another thing to consider when researching training venues is what sort of equipment is offered. If you’re going to be giving presentations, you’ll definitely need a screen or projector. If you’re going to be doing some brainstorming sessions, you’ll probably want a whiteboard or Flipchart. Remember that no training is the same, so it’s important to know what your needs are before you settle on a venue. Venues are usually pretty flexible, so if you have an idea of what you’re looking for ahead of time, they should be able to accommodate you.

Who Can Book a Training Venue

The great thing about training venues is that anyone can book them! They aren’t only for corporate companies, they aren’t only for large businesses, they’re for everyone. You can be a small organisation or an individual hosting a workshop. Training venues are there to help you bring people together who are interested in similar topics. You can find them at all types of budgets, for different capacities, and with different vibes. There’s a training venue out there for you!

Key Features of an Ideal Training Venue

An ideal training venue offers accessibility, state-of-the-art facilities, spacious and flexible layouts, and on site support. Accessibility is super important in both ensuring that attendees can easily reach the location via public transport or offers enough parking for those who would need to drive. It’s also important that training venues have accessible entryways and lifts so everyone can get around the site with ease. The venue should be well-equipped with wi-fi, interactive tools, and projectors or screens so training can take place and allow participants to engage. Space is crucial when it comes to hiring venues for training and it’s best when it’s flexible or customisable and can be configured to suit different training setups, whether it’s a seminar, workshop, or conference. There needs to be open areas for collaborative group activities as well as breakout rooms for smaller discussions and workshops if needed. On-site catering options are always a plus and regular coffee/tea breaks can keep participants energised and focused throughout the day’s events. Finally, it’s always extremely helpful when on-site support is offered in case there are any problems on the day of the event. Together these key features create an ideal training venue.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Training Venue

Selecting the perfect training venue requires careful consideration as well as a well thought out approach. The first thing you need to do is understand your audience. Each training will be different and the people attending them will have unique needs and preferences depending on what your session is for. Planning ahead is crucial. Make sure you secure the venue well in advance to not only guarantee availability, but also reduce stress that comes with doing things last minute. Always test the venue’s technical capabilities with a runthrough before the actual training day so you understand how to use everything and to avoid any mishaps. This is something you can ask about when viewing the venue before you book it. You can also gather feedback from people who have hired the training venue in the past by reading reviews to see how their experiences were. Lastly, consider your budget, so you can find a venue that not only aligns with your training goals but also has everything you need for it to be a successful day. These tips are sure to help you find the ideal training venue for your event.

Why use VenueScanner

Regular training days are crucial to the success of a business and finding the perfect space is key to a productive training day. Get the room right and your employees are sure to remain focused and engaged throughout the training session... Get it wrong and you might just end up with a room full of distracted team members.

We're here to show you the coolest, quirkiest, slickest, and most functional training rooms for hire in the UK, so you'll be able to find the perfect space in no time at all. With over 20,000 venues listed on our site, we provide the largest selection of venues for hire in the UK. You'll be spoilt for choice here when it comes to training venues. So, just enter your specifications into our venue search bar and discover the ideal training venue for your company.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a training day - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of training venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

Showcase of Top Training Venues

VenueScanner has some pretty incredible training venues available for hire. Here are some of our favourites across the UK

Market Halls

The Cavendish room in Market Halls is great for trainings. It’s a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus in Central London and is flooded with beautiful natural light. It has a screen you can use for presentations as well. The space can be arranged in a number of layouts including boardroom, dining, cabaret, theatre, and classroom. Capacities range from 20 to 70 people. The training venue offers a daily delegate rate, as well as food and drinks packages.

Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge

If you’re looking for a more traditional space, the Prescot suite at Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge is a great option. The hotel is not only one of the most energy-efficient hotels in London, but it also has spectacular views over Tower Bridge. The Prescot suite can fit between 18 to 60 people depending on the layout you choose. Choose from boardroom style. Classroom, theatre, cabaret, or standing. There is AV including a screen that is great for presentations.

Escape Live

This Liverpool venue is a unique choice for a training. Escape Live has a beautiful roof lounge that can fit up to 20 people depending on the layout. You can choose from boardroom style. Dining, cabaret, theatre, classroom or standing. This intimate space is great for smaller groups and the room has natural light, air conditioning, AV facilities, and more!


In Birmingham you can find the tech-forward Foundry . This destination for business and personal development has a number of training spaces available for hire including Launch Pad. This 50 person space is large and open and ideal for workshopping and collaborating. It offers fast wifi, a projector screen and more! If you need a slightly larger space you can hire out their Mission Event Space, which is the Mission Room and Launch Pad combined.

Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh

This Edinburgh training venue is absolutely stunning! The Castle Suite at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh is certainly a more traditional choice when it comes to corporate training rooms. The hotel’s 18th century heritage has been seamlessly integrated with contemporary technology to ensure your training goes off without a hitch. The space is for larger groups, ranging from 140 to 300 people.

Training Room Venue FAQs

What is the average cost of booking a training venue?

The cost can vary depending on a number of factors including location, size, amenities, and the duration of your event. During your enquiry process make sure to request a detailed quote from the venue to not only understand the pricing structure but to also avoid any surprises.

How will I know if the venue I love is available on the date and time of my event?

If you’re looking at venues for training and you have a specific date and time in mind for your event, let the venue know when you’re enquiring. It’s also best to let them know ahead of time if your timing or date is flexible. Think about booking your event well in advance to secure the date of your choice.

Will most venues offer catering services?

A lot of venues do offer in-house catering services, while others may allow you to bring in your own catering. You may find that venues offer Daily-Delegate Rates (DDR) which often include tea and coffee breaks throughout the day.

How will I know how to work the AV equipment at the venue?

Before you book your event, it’s best to know what sort of equipment you’ll need. It will narrow down your selection of training venues as some may offer more than others. Speak with the venue ahead of time to find out what’s available and ask for a run through on how to work the equipment before your event date.

Do training venues offer cancellation without fees?

All venues will differ so it’s best to ask about the cancellation policy ahead of time just in case you need to cancel your event. There are often fees you’ll have to pay so knowing what the policy is ahead of time will help you avoid any surprises.

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