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The Best Meeting Rooms For Hire

From pub meeting rooms perfect for laid-back meet-ups to corporate boardrooms made for wowing potential clients. We’ve got your meeting room hire needs covered.

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Discover the best meeting room hire options across the UK

Meeting rooms can be tricky to get right. But here at VenueScanner, we’ve got the widest variety of meeting room hire choices in the UK - so you won’t be short of options. Whether you’re looking for a smart corporate space to impress investors or a laid-back creative venue for a brainstorm, we’ve got you covered. Discover fully-equipped, quiet and inspiring meeting room rental options right here.

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Modern and corporate or creative and cosy, the meeting room you choose says so much.

How to Book a Meeting Room

Many of us have been in your shoes. Tentatively searching for ‘meeting rooms near me’, as that important business pitch, interview, Workshop or brainstorm draws closer.

Your boardroom is fine. It serves a purpose. But the truth is that in any business, there are times when it’s important to get out of the office. When you’re feeling uninspired by your current office set-up and need a change of scenery, an interesting meeting room can be a lifesaver.

And this is where we come in. Whether you’re searching for the best meeting room hire London has to offer or needing something elsewhere in the UK, we’ve got fully equipped rooms with AV facilities, WiFi, catering packages and more on our books. There are over 20,000 venues listed on our site; it’s the largest selection of meeting room hire venues around. Whether you want affordable meeting room hire or unusual and inspiring spaces, you’ll find them here on VenueScanner.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a meeting room - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of meeting room hire venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

Steps to Book

Luckily, it’s really easy to book a meeting room using VenueScanner. All you need to do is fill out our Venue Finder form and we’ll match you with a selection of meeting rooms that fit your parameters. You can then click on their listings to see what sort of amenities they offer. If you find one that you love, you can send over an enquiry to discuss availability and eventually book!

Tech & Equipment

You’ll definitely want to check the amenities offered by the venue. Each venue will offer something different but generally you’ll find wifi and a projector in most meeting rooms. You can also book meeting rooms that have video conferencing capabilities, which is handy if you have members of your team dialling in from somewhere else.

Confirmation & Prep

Once you’ve decided which venue you’d like to book, it’s best to confirm with the venue what equipment is available once it gets closer to your event date. When you hire a meeting room, you’ll want to ensure that the wifi and projectors are working properly before you arrive. You can also check to see if you need any additional connectors for your laptop or phone. If you want the room set up differently than it usually is and you’ve previously discussed this while sorting out your meeting room hire, it’s okay to remind the events team beforehand.

Why Meeting Rooms are Important

People who are hoping to hire a meeting room will be looking for a few key things to make sure that their meeting goes off without a hitch. The room should be well equipped. At the bare minimum there should be a screen of some sort with connectivity available for your computer, tablet, or phone. It’s also helpful to have a Flipchart or whiteboard so teams can brainstorm and collaborate throughout the meeting.

Productivity Boost

Companies often book meeting rooms to boost productivity. Travelling to a meeting room away from your office can remove distractions and foster both productivity and creativity. Meeting room venues often have more than one meeting room available for hire, which means that you can hire additional spaces for breakout areas to get teams collaborating.


Speaking of collaboration, hiring meeting rooms are a fantastic way to get different members of your team working together. Companies often hold training sessions and workshops in meeting rooms and this is a great way to get people from the marketing team working together with the product team and the sales team with the account management team, leading to better company-wide collaboration.


The great thing about meeting venue hire is that you can find a lot of different spaces that are great for presentations to training sessions to webinars. Oftentimes, meeting rooms can be set up in different seating configurations depending on the purpose of your event. If you know the day is going to be filled with speakers, why not set your room up in a theatre style? If you’re going to be leading a more discussion based meeting, setting it up in boardroom style will probably work best.

Who Can Hire a Meeting Room


There are large multinational corporations as well as tiny startups with only three employees hiring out meeting rooms everyday. While the size of the company may differ, the functionality of a meeting room doesn’t. No matter how many people are coming together, hiring a meeting room can be a great way to have a productive session.

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

With the cost of office space rising, meeting room venues offer an alternative for freelancers and entrepreneurs who may not be able to afford their own space. Having the ability to hire a meeting room for client meetings or brainstorming sessions is a real game changer and a much more affordable way to conduct important business.

Educational Institutions

We often see educational institutions hiring meeting rooms to offer training sessions and seminars to teachers and students. This really promotes community and can help bring people together.

Event Organisers

If you’re looking to hire out a meeting room for a breakout session or small-scale event like a breakfast meeting, VenueScanner is an excellent source for you. We have lots of incredible meeting venues listed on the platform.

Why Should You Hire a Meeting Room


One of the reasons you should hire a meeting room is that it’s substantially cheaper than it would be to have your own dedicated meeting space. Finding a meeting room venue that’s available as needed is more cost-effective than paying for a space that may not be used everyday.


The ability to be flexible with the space you need is another positive to hiring meeting rooms. One day you may need a small space for a handful of your team members while another day you may need something larger for the entire team. If the creatives on your team are meeting, they may benefit from a completely different style of meeting room than if board members are meeting. You may want to hire out a hotel meeting room one day or a coworking space meeting room another.


If you want to host your meetings at venues that have top of the line technology, it’s a lot easier to do if you’re hiring a meeting room. You would have to incur the cost of upgrading your tech if you had your own space.

Networking Opportunities

Imagine all of the potential clients or collaborators you could meet in a shared space of a meeting room venue! The opportunity to network is built into your day when you hire out a meeting room. There may be other companies using space in the venue on the same day, which could give you the chance to connect with new people.

Where are the Best Meeting Rooms

Location Matters

If your company offers hybrid working or a number of your team work remotely, you’ll want to find a central location to host your meeting. Look for venues that are close to larger train stations or easy to reach by public transport once someone arrives in the city.

Popular Cities

There are a number of cities that are known for their state of the art meeting facilities. From London to Manchester and Leeds to Birmingham, you can find some of the best meeting venues for hire. You’ll find quirky coworking spaces and elegant hotel meeting rooms and everything in between.

Meeting Room Recommendations

Meeting Rooms in London

If you’re looking for a meeting room that’s a bit unique, why not check out Shoreditch Treehouse? For something more traditional you can head to The Dixon, a beautiful hotel meeting room. For something in between the two, Us & Co Monument or Dariana Events is a great choice.

Manchester Meeting Rooms

One of our favourite meeting room venues in Manchester is 100 Embankment, which is modern and offers spaces of all sizes. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable you can find Wesley House.

Leeds Meeting Rooms

In Leeds you can find Department Leeds Dock which has a couple of great spaces available for hire, perfect for your meeting needs. A more unique space is The Nest at Canary Bar.

Meeting rooms in Birmingham

Birmingham has a lot of really great hotel meeting rooms available for hire. You can check out Ibis Birmingham New Street or Lea Marston Hotel. There are also some larger venues that can double as conference centres as well as meeting rooms like The Saffron Centre and The Eastside Rooms.

Tips for Selection

If you’re looking for some quick tips on how to select the best meeting room venue to hire, there are a couple of things you should consider. First and foremost you need to make sure that the space is big enough to accommodate all of your attendees. Next, you’ll want to see what their amenities are. Do they offer a daily delegate rate (DDR)? Are they accessible? Do they have top of the line tech? Will they provide a flipchart or whiteboard for your use? Think about reading some reviews from previous bookers to manage expectations and find a venue that is suitable for your needs.

Meeting Room Etiquette


Punctuality is key when you’ve booked a meeting room. In most circumstances, unless you’ve booked the room for the entire day, there could be back-to-back meetings booked in there. One way to avoid running over your allocated time is to assign someone as a timekeeper. Set an agenda ahead of time and distribute it to all of your attendees so people know to stay on task and keep things moving along. It’s best to build in time to set up presentations or breaks into your agenda so your meeting goes off without a hitch and people have time to decompress throughout the day.


Keep things clean! If you’re serving tea and coffee or food throughout the day, you’ll want to make sure you clean up your meeting room before you leave. The best way to do this is to tidy as you go along. Have everyone throw their rubbish into the bin as needed. Clean off white boards after you’re finished using them and place markers and erasers back where you found them. Make sure you leave any cords you’ve used in their designated place so the people using the meeting room next can find them.

Noise Levels

Many meeting rooms that you can hire are found in business centres or shared spaces. Because of this, it’s important to keep noise levels down throughout the day. Keep the door of your meeting room shut while presentations are happening and remind your team members to be respectful of other people using shared spaces.

Tech Etiquette

Any equipment that’s been loaned to you for use during your meeting should be returned to the place you found it. You also want to make sure you’re turning things on and off the right way. Switch off projectors, shutdown computers, and make sure you’re logged out of any shared devices.

Design and Ambiance Matter in Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Lighting

When picking a meeting room to hire, a lot of people pay attention to the lighting. Natural light is best as it keeps people alert and engaged. Most venues that have meeting rooms with natural light will also have curtains or blinds so you can keep glares off of screens or projectors while they’re in use. If the room has no windows, it may result in people not being able to focus as much. If this is the case, it’s important to have frequent breaks so people can stretch their legs, get some water, or use the toilet.

Meeting Room Furniture

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your meeting goes off without a hitch is make sure there are comfortable chairs. The quality of seating options is really important, especially if you’ve booked a meeting room for the entire day. Your team will be sitting for a long time and you want them to feel comfortable throughout your time.

Meeting Room Soundproofing

If you’ve booked a meeting room to discuss private or confidential matters, finding a space that is soundproof is a great idea. Many venues will offer meeting rooms with some sort of soundproofing, so be sure to ask when you’re enquiring with the venue.

Decor for Meeting Rooms

The overall vibe of what you’re looking for when it comes to finding a meeting room venue to hire will come down to the decor. A corporate company may not necessarily book in a meeting at the same place that a tech startup would. The decor of a setting can set the tone for the meeting, be it formal, creative, or relaxed. Thankfully, there are a variety of meeting rooms out there that can cater to what you need.

The Rise of Virtual Meeting Rooms

Virtual Platforms

If your company is hybrid or fully remote and the reason you’re hiring a meeting room is to get your team together, check to make sure that the one you’ve chosen has video conferencing capabilities. If for some reason some people can’t attend in person, you can still include them via Zoom, Teams, or Google Meets.

Virtual Meeting Room Benefits

The benefits of virtual meeting rooms is that it can connect people, no matter where they are. Even if you have a multinational team, you can easily make collaboration seamless by using video conferencing platforms.

Challenges of Virtual Meeting Rooms

One thing to keep in mind is that there can be some challenges when relying on video conferencing. There could be connectivity issues, whether that’s on your end or your colleagues. You’ll also have to ensure you’re choosing a time that works for people in different time zones so everyone can engage and be present and no one is dialling in during the middle of the night.

Virtual Meeting Room Best Practices

In order to host a successful virtual meeting, there are a few things to consider. If some of your team will be meeting in person, and some will be virtual, make sure you have a good microphone. The virtual members need to be able to hear people, no matter how far away from the computer mic they are. Try to set up the camera where there’s good natural light, so everyone can see the speaker. Minimise background noise by closing doors and windows so it doesn’t get picked up by your mic.

Innovative Trends in Meeting Rooms

Smart Technology

Many meeting venues now offer smart technology throughout their spaces. Often you can control the settings of the room via an iPad or tablet that has been integrated into the venue’s systems. You can control anything from air conditioning and heating to lighting to projector screens. If you’re nervous about operating one of these systems, ask someone at the venue to walk you through the use of it when you first arrive at the venue.


If sustainability is important to you when looking for a meeting room hire, you’re in luck! There are so many sustainable meeting rooms out there to choose from. Many offer energy-efficient lighting, use recycled furniture, work with catering companies who operate sustainably and more. When you do your research to find a meeting room, check their websites as there’s usually a section allocated to discussing any sustainability efforts they may be making.

Modular Spaces

Event spaces can be very flexible and we’ve seen a rise in modular spaces being offered as meeting spaces. The great thing about them is that they can be adjusted based on the meeting’s size and purpose. They’re also really easy to change, so you can often move a wall in between two spaces to turn your main meeting room into two breakout rooms and then move it out of the way when you’re ready to come back together.

Interactive Displays

Nowadays many companies prefer to use interactive displays and touchscreens for collaborative work. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone is engaged and participating during meetings. It can also be especially useful to use interactive whiteboards to get people involved. Plus, it can help retain information.

Wrapping up on Meeting Rooms

Booking a meeting room is a great way of getting your team together without any distractions. It’s an affordable alternative to having your own space that may go unused most of the time. When you’re looking for a meeting room to hire, make sure to prioritise your needs and do thorough research before making a booking. You can use our Venue Finder form to help you narrow down your choices. From there, you can do a deep dive on each venue that was offered. After you’ve decided if what they offer aligns with your needs, you can send an enquiry and book a meeting room.

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