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The whole conference room hire process used to be challenging. Emphasis on the ‘used to’.

Introduction to Conference Venues

In the ever evolving corporate landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires adaptability, innovation, and effective communication. One way to encourage this communication is by hosting conferences. Conferences play a pivotal role in business success by providing a platform for professionals to network, share knowledge and collaborate. They offer a chance for people to exchange ideas, showcase products and discuss industry trends. Because remote work has become much more common over the last few years, physical conferences are indispensable for building new working relationships, signing deals, and creating a sense of community.

You may be wondering, why are conferences so important? They are a great professional setting for hosting workshops or seminars and they increase productivity across businesses. Finding the right setting for your conference will make a huge difference in how it goes. And there are so many to choose from. From edgy warehouses to hotels and convention centres to co-working spaces, there’s something for everyone. You’ll want to look for a place that has great technology integration, has breakout spaces, and is easy to book. That’s where VenueScanner comes in. VenueScanner is an innovative platform that streamlines the entire conference room bookings process so you can spend time planning a great conference. It’s free, easy to use, and will seriously save you stress.

What Are Conference Rooms?

When you’re looking to book a conference room, you’re probably looking for a space that’s large enough to accommodate 40 plus people. You’ll be looking for a space where the seating arrangement can be customised. Many conferences opt for theatre-style seating, facing a stage or projector, so speakers can be heard by all attendees. Modern conference spaces like auditoriums and great halls will often come equipped with video conferencing capabilities so remote attendees can dial in. It’s also helpful to have some breakout rooms if you’re hoping to run smaller training sessions throughout the day. Keep in mind that the style of conference venues can really differ, so whether you’re looking for a traditional space or something more unique, there are lots of options.

How to book a conference room

Generally when you’re looking to make a conference room booking, you need to identify your needs for the event. The things you’ll want to know ahead of time are the estimated number of attendees, what sort of layout you’re looking for, the most important amenities, and then what your budget is. You can then start to research venues, however it’s much easier to use VenueScanner to help you find a conference room hire. It’ll save you time scrolling through Google as we have a number of amazing venues listed on the platform.

No matter how you decide to do research, when you start reaching out to venues, you’ll want to check availability for your desired dates and times. If you’re flexible with either of these, let the venue know as they may be able to offer a conference room booking on an alternative date if your first choice is taken. Check to see if they offer catering options, whether that’s external or internal. See if you’re able to host a drinks reception in the evening in the same venue. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions for your contract and any cancellation policies. Once everything is agreed upon, confirm the booking and pay any required deposit.

Why conference rooms are important

Conference rooms are important because they can act as the backdrop for large events. Hosting large events like conferences, throughout the year, is a great way to get different companies together to network, expand business, and more. When you hire a conference venue you’re essentially looking for a space that will minimise distractions and promote focus. You may be looking for a large meeting room that can fit more than 40 people or for a grand hall that can accommodate thousands of people. No matter the capacity, you’ll want to ensure that there are the necessary amenities for effective presentations like screens and projectors. You’ll want wifi that everyone can connect to so people can keep in touch throughout the day and forge new connections. People also book conference rooms to create a setting where collaboration and brainstorming can be done easily. If you’re hoping to do this, look for a space that has smaller breakout rooms.

Who should hire a conference room

There are so many types of conference rooms available for hire. Large corporations will often plan massive conferences in convection centres for over 1000 attendees where different companies will have their own stands set up and there will be seminars and speakers throughout the conference. On the other hand, a startup or small business may opt to hire a conference room in a co-working space that can fit 40 people so they can have a workshop with the entire team. Freelancers and entrepreneurs often use conference rooms for networking purposes and many companies will frequently make conference room bookings for the sole purpose of inviting freelancers to come and meet and mingle. Another group of people that may book conference rooms are educational institutions for special lectures or events.

Why should you hire a conference room

Hiring a conference room is beneficial for a number of reasons. By booking a conference room for your large meetings, you have the ability to change the location each time. And when you pick your location, you can find one that’s convenient for all attendees, which is especially helpful if some of your team works remotely and will be travelling in for the day. Hiring a conference venue also gives you access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which may be better than what you have in your own office. Conference venues are also perfect for any large scale event. Most people’s office spaces don’t have large conference rooms that can accommodate over 40 people. So if you’re looking to plan a conference, you’ll want to hire a venue that can accommodate all of the attendees.

Where are the best conference rooms

The best conference venues can be found in major cities. You’ll find some great convention centres, hotels, and warehouses in cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. When you visit these cities, you’ll find that conference room bookings are easy to make in areas where public transport is readily available. They’ll be easily accessible so people can travel to the conference with ease. You’ll also find that the best conference venues will have many hotel options available nearby.

Depending on the vibe of the conference, you may need to travel to different parts of a city to find it. Docklands usually have really great warehouse venues, while business centres will have more traditional venues like great halls and auditoriums. Some of our favourite venues are The Eastside Rooms in Birmingham, Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The Anatomy of an Ideal conference room

When you’re looking to hire a conference room, there are a few things to look out for. If you’re planning a large conference, you’ll want to ensure that the aesthetics of the building fit your company’s or event’s vibe. Decide if you’d prefer a more traditional convention centre or a warehouse. Whether you’re having a small or large conference, you’ll want to make sure that any smaller meeting rooms or breakout spaces are soundproofed so people aren’t distracted during their smaller sessions. If you have people speaking in large areas, check out the acoustics and ask if you’ll have access to a microphone and speakers if needed.

It can be hard to get the lighting right during conferences as most big venues will rely on artificial lighting. If natural lighting is really important to you, keep that in mind while researching venues. When it comes to furniture, make sure there’s enough seating for everyone in attendance. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have 1000 seats in each area of the conference, but there should be plenty of comfortable chairs placed around the event.

Finally, check with the venue to see if all of your attendees will be able to connect to wifi. If you need to set up an extra wifi network for the conference, it’s good to be aware of this ahead of time. Double check that main spaces and breakout rooms have projectors or screens if needed. This is all stuff you need to discuss during the enquiry process. It would be a shame to plan your event only to arrive and see that the venue doesn’t have what you need!

Meeting Room vs. Conference Room

What’s the difference between a meeting room and conference room? Meeting rooms are generally for smaller groups - anywhere between 2 - 35 people, whereas conference rooms are mostly for larger groups - 40 plus. There are many conference venues that can accommodate meeting room bookings as they’ll only hire out the space you need. If you’re looking for an even larger space, you find warehouses or convention centres that may have smaller breakout rooms for training sessions and workshops throughout the day. Meeting rooms are often more affordable so if you don’t need a big room, check out some of the great meeting rooms we have listed on VenueScanner.

Why you should use VenueScanner to book your conference room

With over 20,000 venues listed on our platform, we’re confident we’ve got the conference venue for you. Just enter your specifications into our venue search bar and start weighing up your conference venue options now.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a company conference - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of conference venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

VenueScanner is super easy to use, whether you’re filling out our Venue Finder form, browsing in our marketplace, or speaking with our concierge team. It’s also totally free to use. We have many customers who come back to us time and time again, for all of their venue needs. So, if you need help booking a conference venue, we can certainly help!

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