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Traditional hotel boardroom? Quirky creative space? Whether you're searching for a small space to upskill your employees or a large room for a full company workshop we've got you covered. We feature incredible workshop venue hire options all across the UK, so get in touch and we can help you find and book the perfect workshop venue.

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Modern and corporate or creative and unusual, the workshop venue you choose says so much.

A Brief Introduction to Workshops

Modern and corporate or creative and unusual, the workshop venue you choose says so much. In any business, there are times when it's important just to get out of the office. Workshop venues come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of important purposes. Upskilling, brainstorming, training, and creating all require a certain type of workshop space. How you present your company to current and potential staff members, investors, and advisors can be a make or break factor in the success of your venture. Certainly, when you're feeling uninspired by your current office, setting up a good workshop venue can be a lifesaver.

We're offering UK workshop venues fully equipped with AV facilities, WiFi, catering packages and more. With over 20,000 venues listed on our site, we provide the largest selection of venues for hire in the UK. You'll certainly be spoilt for choice here when it comes to workshop venues. So, just enter your specifications into our venue search bar and discover the ideal workshop venue for your company.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a workshop space - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of workshop venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

Understanding Workshops

When it comes to understanding team building workshops, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, what is a workshop? It’s a structured and interactive session where attendees participate in hands-on activities, discussions, and practical exercises to learn and develop skills. You’ll find that people often hire experts to run workshops and they’re designed to increase engagement and collaboration among the people involved.

If you’re looking for workshop planning tips you’ll have to decide what type of workshop you’d like to put on. There are so many different types of workshops you can choose from. Here are a few:

Team Building Workshop:

These types of workshops focus on fostering communication, collaboration, and trust among team members. They include activities and exercises that encourage teamwork.

Skill Development Workshop:

You’ll find that these types of workshops are created for the purpose of enhancing specific skills relevant to the participants role. They often cover a range of topics including leadership, communication, technical skills, and project management.

Brainstorming Workshop:

These are designed to get you thinking and to generate creative ideas and solutions to a specific problem. They’ll include group discussions, breakout sessions, and activities.

No matter what type of workshop you plan, there are lots of benefits of hosting one. The most obvious one is that they’re great for teamwork and can really boost communication and trust. They’re also great for creativity and you’ll find that people come away from workshops with fresh, new ideas. They help a lot with engagement and can increase productivity for everyone.

How to Choose the Right Workshop Venue

Choosing the right workshop venue takes a lot of consideration. You’ll need to think about where you want to host it, how big it will be, and what kind of tech support you need.


The best way to choose a location is to figure out where most of your attendees are coming from. You want to pick a workshop venue that’s centrally located or easy to get to. If no public transport is available, there should be enough parking for your guests.


Workshop venues come in a variety of sizes. You could need a venue for a handful of people or a large group. If you do opt for a larger workshop venue, make sure it has some breakout spaces like meeting rooms, so the large group can break off into smaller ones for some brainstorming.


You’ll probably need a screen or projector when running a team building workshop. Make sure the venue has what you need in terms of audio visual equipment before you even book your event.

Next, you’ll need to choose a venue type that will act as a good backdrop for your workshop. You may decide that a conference centre or a co-working space is a good idea because they will have ample space for breakout sessions as well as audio visual equipment. If you’re looking for a more corporate setting, you may decide that a hotel is the best option for you as many of them have business centres and meeting rooms for hire. Alternatively, you may want a more unique venue or a bar or restaurant so you can host drinks afterwards for your workshop attendees. There are so many different workshop venues out there, you should be able to find one that’s suitable for your event.

No matter what type of venue you’ve decided on as long as you pick one that has the right ambiance to boost productivity, learn some new skills, and do some good team building, you’ll be in great shape for a successful event.

Booking a Workshop Venue: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking for workshop venues, we’re here to help! Whether you’re interested in getting some hands-on help with VenueScanner Concierge or you’d prefer to browse through our selection of workshop venues yourself, we can help you find an amazing venue with ease.

There are three ways you can find a venue using VenueScanner.

Our Concierge team is available for corporate customers who are looking for help from beginning to end. You’ll speak with a dedicated account manager who will learn about your needs for your workshop venue. They’ll then put together a proposal with relevant venues and you can choose which ones you’d like to see in person, and if you decide you like one of them, they’ll handle the booking process. It’ll save you time and stress and it’s completely free to use.

Another way VenueScanner can help match you to a workshop venue is through our Venue Finder. You can fill out this form with your key details including budget, location, event type, and capacity and you’ll be matched with relevant venues. You can then send out enquiries and start chatting with venues to see if they’d work for your event. Set up a venue visit and book your event all through your VenueScanner inbox.

Finally, you can simply browse through workshop venues by heading to and inputting your location and event type into the search bar. Add venues to your shortlist and then send enquiries to the venues you love.

No matter which route you take, ensure you’re discussing things like catering, amenities, and anything else you may think of before you decide to book the venue. You want to make sure that the venue you want has exactly what you need to have a successful event.

Planning Your Workshop

If you’re looking for some workshop planning tips, you’ve come to the right place. The first thing you want to do is set objectives and goals for the workshop. You want to define clear objectives and clearly articulate what you want to achieve - it can be skill development, team building, or problem solving. No matter what it is you need to have specific and measurable objectives to see if your workshop is successful. Next, you want to ensure that the workshop aligns with the overall goals of your organisation or company. You also will need to consider participants' needs, the workshop should be tailored to your attendees so they can get a lot out of the workshop. Set some SMART goals - they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This will give you something to reflect on once the workshop has concluded.

Make sure you’ve planned an agenda that’s structured but also allows you to be flexible if necessary. Start with some icebreakers to get everyone feeling comfortable. You should include some presentations and activities to kick things off and then add in some hands-on exercises and interactive elements to promote group discussions. Leave time for breaks so people don’t become burnt-out from information overload. Allow extra time for questions and incorporate a mix of learning styles so everyone can get something out of the workshop. Include a section of closure and reflection and find out what everyone’s key takeaways from the day were.

Your workshop will be successful if you have the right facilitators and speakers assisting throughout the workshop. Make sure they’re experts in the subject, have engaging communication skills, and that they have enough background knowledge of the workshop attendees. Have everyone provide feedback after the workshop so you know if people found it successful or helpful.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Workshop

If you’re looking for corporate workshop ideas that will help make it a success, there are a few things you can do. You’ll want to have some engaging activities and icebreakers ready to go. A popular one to kick off the day is two truths and a lie. You’ll always want to incorporate technology and interactive tools into your workshop. You can create fun quizzes to help people retain information by using Kahoot! Or you can use polling and survey tools to get real-time feedback. It’s also important that you have some food and drink available throughout the day. That can be tea and coffee and some snacks for your breaks, a bit of breakfast before things get started, or after workshop drinks and pizza. As long as you’re leading open discussions and are encouraging collaboration, you’ll have a successful workshop.

Post-Workshop Best Practices

After you’ve found the perfect workshop venue and executed a great day, it’s time to gather feedback. It’s important to do this so you can tell if the workshop was worth it. Send attendees a survey with some specific questions so you can tell if they enjoyed it, learned anything, or would change anything. Measure the success of your workshop by seeing if you reach your business goals in a timely manner. Do some follow up activities with attendees to maintain the momentum if you think it’s slipping. By doing all of this you can see if hosting another workshop in the future is a good idea.


When it comes to finding workshop venues, VenueScanner can help! We have so many incredible venues available for hire on our site and we’re here to assist you with finding the best one for your event.

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