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The Best Team Activity Venues For Hire

From team activity hotspots perfect for a bit of friendly competition to grand, exclusive hire spaces fit for epic, corporate conferences.

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It's time to discover the ultimate team activity venues

Team building day? Scavenger hunt? Whether you're putting together an unusual team activity day or planning an epic large-scale treasure hunt we'll help you find the perfect team activity venues. We feature incredible team activity venues all across the UK, so get in touch and we can help you find and book the perfect team activity day. Offsite days will never be the same again...

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Bowling or crazy golf, team activity days are the perfect way to unite your employees.

Introduction to Team Building

Bowling or crazy golf, team activity days are the perfect way to unite your employees. Team activity days are one of the highlights of the office event calendar, and we'd like to help you pull things off properly. Get the venue right and your employees are sure to get the most out of this opportunity. From team building to upskilling, team activity days are filled with possibility. And one thing's for sure: getting your employees out of the office is sure to get their creative juices flowing.

We're here to show you the coolest, quirkiest, most enjoyable team activity day venues in the UK, so you'll be able to plan the perfect day in no time at all. With over 20,000 venues listed on our site, we provide the largest selection of venues for hire in the UK. You'll certainly be spoilt for choice here when it comes to team activity day options. So, just enter your specifications into our venue search bar and discover the ideal team activity day venue for your company.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a team activity day - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of team activity day venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

Who should do a team activity

The best thing about team activities is that they’re for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you work for a large corporation or a small local business, the benefits for team building activities are vast. They’re really helpful for improving communication and boosting morale. It of course depends on what type of activity you’re doing with your team, but if it involves pairing off or being split into groups, people will have to communicate with one another and work together to solve problems. Another common benefit for team activities is that they offer stress relief. Planning a fun day out, away from computers, and the monotony of everyday work, can really help your team avoid burnout and contribute to a healthier work environment. You’ll create a positive workplace culture where your employees feel more engaged and part of a team. Plus, everyone loves a shared experience and when planned well, your team will talk about your team activity day for weeks and months to come.

Activity Categories For Team Building

There are so many different types of corporate team activities to choose from. Whether you’re interested in planning an entire day out, participating in team building exercises or want to get the team together after work for drinks and crazy golf, you’ll be able to find something your team will really enjoy. Here are some of the best activity categories we’ve come across for corporate team building.


If you want to get creative with your team, there are lots of team activities you can do together. From sip and paint nights to life drawing classes, venues often host special events or can arrange them for your team. You can also find venues that offer seasonal workshops like wreath-making during Christmas. The best thing to do is speak with a venue to see if it’s possible to set up a creative team activity. They’ll be able to let you know if they work with any suppliers or companies that organise them.

Problem Solving

Another great option for team building are problem solving activities. There are lots of companies that offer quizzes or scavenger hunts that can be customised for your company. It’s a great way to get your team involved and working together. Split everyone up into teams, creating groups of people who may not work together usually.


For the ultimate team activity, head outdoors and get physically active! You can go white water rafting, participate in a ropes course, learn how to surf or paddle board, or go for a hike. For something a bit more lowkey, why not throw a sports day in the local park and then head to a pub afterwards for drinks? Getting physically active will challenge your team to work together, communicate, and build trust and relationships.

Activity Bars

One of the most common team activity categories is the activity bar. These days you can find a tonne of bars that also offer some really fun games for you to play while you’re there. Heading to an activity bar after work is a great way to let some steam off, reduce stress, and get your team together in an informal setting. Your team can engage in some friendly competition while they try their hand at everything from crazy golf to virtual clay shooting to ping pong to shuffleboard and everything in between.

Immersive Experiences

There are loads of immersive experiences popping up these days. You often get to dress up, play a part, and interact with actors throughout your evening. These themed nights are an excellent shared experience.

Featured Activities

There are so many incredible team activity venues to choose from on VenueScanner. Here are a couple of our favourites:

You’ve never experienced how amazing bingo can be until you visit Hijingo in London. The multi-sensory bingo experience combines state-of-the-art lighting and AV to provide your team with a fully immersive experience and tonnes of great prizes.

For a retro evening, why not check out NQ64 Bars, a really cool venue with multiple locations across the UK. You can spend hours playing the best childhood throwback games including Mario Kart, Pac Man, and more.

If your company is based in Manchester and you want to play some crazy golf with the whole team, Treetop Adventure Golf is a great shout. They have two indoor 18-hole courses and you can split your team into groups and crown the champion at the end of the evening.

Another fan favourite in Manchester is The Crystal Maze, which is the most perfect corporate team building activity. Split your group into smaller teams and see who completes The Maze the quickest.

Combine problem solving with team work at Escape Live in Birmingham. With a handful of different themed escape rooms, your team can venture into a fully immersive world and crack codes, solve puzzles and work together to unlock the room and escape.

If you love the idea of an immersive experience, your team will be talking about their time at Alcotraz in Liverpool for months. Everyone will rock an orange jumpsuit, smuggle in their drinks, and try to stay out of the warden's way. You’ll interact with actors and really get involved in the whole show.

How VenueScanner Helps

VenueScanner is the place to help you find a team activity venue. Whether you’d prefer to browse yourself or get some help from our Concierge team, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to have a look at the venues listed on VenueScanner, you can head to our homepage, enter your location and event type and start browsing. If you see anything you like, add the venue to your short list. Once you’ve added several venues to your list, it’s time to send out an enquiry! Once you do this you can communicate directly with the venues to figure out your details, schedule a viewing, and make a booking.

Another way to use the site is to fill out a Venue Finder form. Fill out your basics like budget, number of attendees, location, and event type and we’ll match you with relevant venues. You can send out enquiries to the venues you like and speak with them directly about making a booking.

Finally, if you’re a corporate customer, you can utilise the VenueScanner Concierge team. This team is made up of event experts who can help you discover the best possible venues for your event. They’ll speak with you about what you’re looking for and then find some venues, enquire with them, and sort your booking for you. It will save you time and keep you from stressing! Plus, it’s totally free to use.


How many people can participate in a team activity?

It doesn’t matter how large or small your group is! You can find a team activity for everyone to participate in. Your choices may decrease if you have over 100 people, but many venues do offer exclusive hire or you can just be creative about how you plan your team activity day.

Is it possible to find a venue first and then book a team activity afterwards?

Many venues work with suppliers that can set up a team activity for you, so make sure to ask during the enquiry process if you can add things on. You may fall in love with a pub, restaurant, or events hall that’s not an activity bar. Don’t worry though! You can have someone come in to do a workshop if you coordinate with the venue.

How much does a team activity day cost?

You can plan corporate team activities no matter your budget. Many venues offer minimum spends that can really cut the cost of a day out. Alternatively, if you’re dealing with a very small budget, you could always plan a sports day in a local park and then find a venue with a low minimum spend nearby for drinks afterwards.

Now that you’ve learned about team activities and corporate team building activities, it’s time to start planning. By planning a corporate event that promotes team building, you’re setting your company up for success. Your team will come away from their team activity day with new relationships, a shared experience, and less overall stress. Book your team activity today!

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