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Traditional hotel bar? Quirky creative space? Whether you're searching for a small space to get your employees together or a large room for a epic corporate mixer we've got you covered. We feature incredible networking venue hire options all across the UK, so get in touch and we can help you find and book the perfect networking venue.

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Modern and corporate or creative and unusual, the networking venue you choose says so much.

What are networking events

Modern and corporate or creative and unusual, the networking event venue you choose says so much. In any business, there are times when it's important just to get out of the office. Networking events come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of important purposes. Mixers, company socials, skill shares, and conferences all require a certain type of networking space. Getting to know colleagues, meeting new business connections, and forming relationships is a vital part of business. Certainly, the right networking space can put people at ease and help your event get off to a roaring start.

We're offering UK networking space that will help your guests relax and go with the flow. With over 20,000 venues listed on our site, we provide the largest selection of venues for hire in the UK. You'll certainly be spoilt for choice here when it comes to networking . So, just enter your specifications into our venue search bar and discover the ideal meeting room venue for your company.

VenueScanner also offers an exclusive concierge service for our business clients. If you're booking a meeting room - or any other event for that matter - our concierge team will be able to help you source the perfect venue. We'll find you a selection of venues that match your specifications, produce an event brief with pricing, arrange viewings and confirm the venue.

Understanding Networking Events

Networking events are organised gatherings that bring together individuals with common interests, professions, or goals to connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships. Corporate networking events play an important role in both personal and professional development by providing opportunities to expand their networks, discover new business prospects, and learn from others. There are many types of networking events, with each serving a specific purpose. Here are a few kinds of corporate networking events:

Informal Meet-ups

If you’re wondering how to plan a networking event you need to first decide what sort of event you want to have. If you decide on an informal meet-up, it’ll be more casual where people come together in a relaxed setting to connect and socialise. When you’re looking for networking event venues for an informal meet-up you can choose from pubs and restaurants and host a coffee meet-up, happy hour, or brunch.

Industry Specific Gatherings

For more corporate networking events that may have to do with a specific industry, you may be looking to host a conference or trade show so people can stay updated on trends and create business opportunities within their sector. This could include large scale professional conferences where you may need to hire out an entire conference centre.


Another popular networking event is a mixer which is meant to bring people together from different backgrounds or professions. It’ll usually be at a speed networking event or mix and mingle session so people can break down barriers, foster new connections, and create an engaging atmosphere.


Workshops are another networking event you could be looking to host. They provide a hands-on learning experience and encourage skill development. These are great for sharing knowledge and levelling up professional skills.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Venue

Choosing the right networking event venue is super important. You want to set your event up for success and things like location, accessibility, ambiance, and amenities can really make or break it.

Location and Accessibility

When it comes to figuring out how to plan a networking event one of the first things to consider is location. You want to think about the location of where your attendees will be coming from and make it as easy as possible for them to get there. You also want it to be easily accessible, so having it near public transportation is key. If you’re planning a larger networking event, you may find a venue that’s a bit on the outskirts of a city. If this is the case, ensure there’s enough parking for your guests.

Ambiance and Layout

Networking event venues need to have the right ambiance and be set up in the correct layout for your event to be a success. Depending on the objective of your networking event you’ll be able to figure out what sort of ambiance you’d like. If you’re planning a more informal meet-up or mixer, you’ll want to find a networking events venue like a pub or restaurant that is more relaxed and informal. If you’re planning a corporate networking event then you’ll need to find something a bit more professional. Most venues have flexible layouts to accommodate what you need.


Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your networking events venue has the correct amenities. That could be audio visual equipment, catering, or refreshments. If you're giving a presentation or making a speech, you’ll need a microphone and a screen. If you’re hoping to serve drinks or food, you’ll need to discuss catering options with the venue.

Ideal Venue Types for Networking Events

There are a variety of networking event venues that are well-suited for hosting your event. Here are a few types you can choose from:

Hotels and Conference Centres

If you’re planning a large-scale event, you’ll want to look at hotels and conference centres. These types of venues can accommodate large numbers of people with ease and often have their own in-house events teams that will ensure the day runs smoothly. Hotels are especially popular if you have a lot of out of town attendees as they will have accommodations on the doorstep of the event. Conference centres are perfect if you have a lot of people and businesses attending as you can offer people the chance to set up their own stands throughout the space.

Co-working Spaces, Cafes, Pubs, and Restaurants

For informal networking events, you should find a space with a bit of personality whether that's a co-working space, cafe, pub, or restaurant. They all make great settings for mixers, speed-networking, and drinks receptions and offer a relaxed ambiance.

Unique Venues

Unique venues such as galleries, rooftops, museums, or boats are great choices if you’re hoping to make a lasting impression. When you choose a unique venue as the setting for your networking event, people may be more inclined to attend because of the space itself.

Planning Your Networking Event

When you think about how to plan a networking event, you may find yourself overwhelmed. There’s no need to feel that way as there are a few steps you can follow to ensure your event goes well.

First things first, you’ll want to figure out your budget. Once you’ve decided on how much you’re willing to spend, you need to choose the right venue. Pick a venue that works for the type of networking event you’re planning. If it’s a mixer, go for a more informal setting. If it’s a conference, opt for something larger and more corporate. Another thing you’ll need to sort is catering so make sure you enquire with the venue beforehand whether they offer internal catering or work with partners. Finally, you want to discuss with the venue the layout you’re interested in and any tech requirements you may have. These are all things that should be discussed before you book your venue. You don’t want to find out a week before the event that the venue cannot accommodate your requests.

Who Should Consider Booking a Venue for Networking?

Anyone can plan a networking event. Networking is important no matter what your job is or what industry you work in. That means that corporations and businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs and freelancers would benefit from a networking event. There are networking event venues that can cater to any type of networking event you can think of. They come in a range of sizes, budgets, and can be found in lots of locations, so there is something out there for you!

How VenueScanner can help

VenueScanner is here to help you whether you’re just looking to browse for a networking events venue or need some help from our 5* rated Concierge team. Here are a few ways you can use VenueScanner to find a venue:

Browse our Site

Head to and search for the perfect venue. Enter your location and event type into the search bar and you can start browsing venues. If you see one you love, add it to your short list. After you’ve added a few to your list, you can send out enquiries and start chatting with venues to see if they’re a good fit. Don’t forget to set up a venue visit before you decide to book!

Fill out a Venue Finder

If you’d prefer to skip the browsing and be matched with venues, you’ll want to fill out a Venue Finder form. You’ll need to enter some details like your location, event type, budget, and number of people you’ll be inviting. You’ll then be matched with relevant venues that you can then send out enquiries to and see if they’re the right venue for you.


For a more hands on approach, you can use VenueScanner Concierge, a completely free service, where you’ll connect with an account manager who will learn about what your event needs are and then use their expert venue knowledge to find a space that’s perfect for you. They’ll send you some venues to choose from and if you like any of them they can send out enquiries for you, set up a venue visit, and even sort contracts for you! So, what are you waiting for? Book a networking events venue now!

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